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"Weekly beautiful black sista 'in the raw' ."

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Date Revised: November 16, 2002


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Black Sista, Precious Baby !


"Black girl, pretty little pearl, you've been in the background much too long . . . "


Forbidden Fruit

Since time immemorial, the most beautiful of black women have been revered by men from all corners of the world.

The beautiful black woman has exhibited exquisitely unique endowments that have raised the blood pressure of red-blooded males for centuries --- the classic protrusion of the tight and round posterior, outrageously lust-evoking curvature of the torso, the aerodynamic athletic litheness of the build that suggests the capacity for extreme high-motion activity, the pronounced handsomeness of full features with large, full lips that scream for lascivious oral usage, the gracious and graceful fluidity of her movement that belies the innate sexual power of her femininity, the simultaneous "joie de vivre" with the profound quiet of centuries relegated in subjugation.

From a physical and sensual standpoint, the beautiful black woman has demonstrated her qualities as a "total package", from a male perspective.

Historical circumstance, unfortunately, has obfuscated male desire for the beautiful black woman. Instead of publicly displaying their regard for her as nature intended, males on all sides of the color line have attempted to consciously suppress the irresistible urge, which --- against nature --- has resulted in the unfortunate equivalence of capping a high-pressure volcano and manifesting in unkind behavior. One paradoxical result has been that males have an even more irresistible urge for the "forbidden fruit".



" . . . but you're my Miss America . . ."

Through the passage of time, as mankind has evolved to more tolerance and appreciation of what makes up its humanity, the beautiful black woman has begun to flourish.

Her innate beauty is beginning to be recognized. It was always there, but humanity then was blind. And in this belated recognition, the essence of her beauty becomes even more pronounced with the realization that she retained her dignity through the indignities of history.

And so, we celebrate her resilience. We celebrate her beauty.

And we celebrate in the time-honored male tradition by presenting her natural beauty in this web page.

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